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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Chocolate Cake

I'm at one of the local internet cafes that is also a bakery and I swear to you that they have the best chocolate cake in the entire world. I had been indulging my homesickness by having a piece nearly everyday and today I was resolutely going to not get a piece. But as I was sitting here, innocently, checking my mail, they friging bring out a hot cake and put it right next to me with the seductive aroma wafting around me, and I swear, calling my name. So now, as I write to you all, I am eating a piece of chocolate cake. I wonder if they put an addictive ingredient in it that makes you crave it. I am going in a half an hour to to teach my favorite class - the high schoolers. Today we are covering a little bit more of the immune system (cellular and humoral response for those of who know) and going into the progression of HIV and how a person develops AIDS. I just finished teaching that to my primary school class yesterday. I was worried that they weren't getting it, but just nodding their heads, but when I asked what the name of the protein on the surface of HIV was called, a little kid in the front row stood up and said "gp 120!!!". I was so excited and strangely proud that I jumped up and down. I think that when the rest of the class saw how excited I was that they remembered, more of the kids started volunteering answers. Whatever works right? I'm not sure if I have mentioned this to all of you, but we have to drive out to the villages that we are teaching at and the drive takes about 45 minutes down the dustiest, dirtiest, bumpiest road in the world. We are jammed into the truck, which should hold about 20 people, but uncomfortably fits about 40. You guys can't even imagine. I have someone's hand on, or up, my butt daily. Oddly,. it usually is male Tanzanian translator -oops! One time, this guy had is hand placed between (imagination) to the point where I felt really uncomfortable and I ended up leaning against a spike in order to get away. By the end of the truck ride, I had a bruise the size of a baseball from being jammed into this metal spike for 45 minutes. Now the bruise is going down, but it got to the size of a volleyball - worst bruise of my life. The good part of the truck ride is that the road is lined with monkey-filled trees, so we get to watch them swinging. Also, we all sing songs. Some of the favorites are taken from Disney movies or the Beatles, and recently a little Queen. The Tanzanian people have also been trying to teach us songs, but we can't remember them the next day.


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